About FEF

We are an independent, non-profit, community-based organization developed to support innovation and excellence in education. We do this by funding grants for teachers and staff within the Franklin Public Schools. During the Covid-19 Pandemic we made donations directly to the school district leadership, through the School Committee, for the benefit of all students.

Board of Directors

2021 - 2022

  • Dr. Pandora Carlucci, Co-President

  • Roberta Trahan, Co-President

  • Harsha Gurumurthy, Treasurer

  • Richard Rollingcross, Secretary

  • Lisa Brady

  • Ann Knapp

  • Mary Kroon

  • Joni Magee

  • Dave McNeill

  • Krishnaprasad Shetty

  • Phil Sweeney

  • Denise Spencer, School Committee Representative

  • Thomas Broyles, FHS Student Representative

2020 - 2021

  • Dr. Pandora Carlucci, Co-President

  • Roberta Trahan, Co-President

  • Harsha Gurumurthy, Treasurer

  • Richard Rollingcross, Secretary

  • Lisa Brady

  • Glenn Jones

  • Mary Kroon

  • Joni Magee

  • Dave McNeill

  • Alana Sanders

  • Krishnaprasad Shetty

  • Phil Sweeney

The Franklin Education Foundation was founded in 1997 by Peggy Yanuskiewcz, Vicki Coates and Pandora Carlucci, with assistance from Dr. Richard Warren, Superintendent of Schools. Since 1997, FEF has funded hundreds of grants totaling over $400,000. These grants have touched students at all levels from the early childhood development center through the high school.

Our initial major fundraising event was the annual BEE. For six years, the Spelling Bee was all the rage. In 2004, BEE FRANKLIN launched our first ever TRIVIA BEE. The format remained the same--49 teams of three people competed in seven rounds for the right to advance to the championship round. Themed teams, costumes, and friendly competition abound in the quest for the coveted BEE Cup. It is a lively and memorable annual community event!

Our all-volunteer board of directors is made up of parents, teachers and business leaders in Franklin who are dedicated to ensuring a high quality of education for the children in the Franklin public school system.

None of the innovative programs that benefit the students and community could be possible without the financial support of area businesses, organizations and groups. We are entirely dependent on the generosity of team sponsorships, financial donations, and in-kind donations.

Past Members of the Board

Volunteers have joined the Board and served terms of varying lengths. The FEF Board benefitted from the knowledge and dedicated service of many volunteers over the years. The list of the past Members of the Board is organized by the year they first joined. Some served one or two years and others served a decade. All service to the FEF is appreciated.

1997 - Establishing Board

  • Pandora Carlucci

  • Vicki Coates

  • Bob Keras

  • Deborah Kroeber

  • Dale Lippert

  • Scott Nathan

  • Rev. Dadgie Scott

  • Eugene Stone

  • Roberta Trahan

  • Peggy Yanuskewicz

  • Dr. Richard Warren (ex. officio)

The Establishing Board members included Bob Keras, Keefe Ins. Co., FHS alumnus, and member of the FHS Gridiron Club; Dale Lippert, Dean College Athletic Department; Scott Nathan, attorney; Rev. Dadgie Scott, co-pastor at the Franklin Federated Church; Eugene Stone, President of Strata Bank; and, Roberta Trahan, critical care registered nurse, FHS alumna, and community volunteer. Peggy Yanuskiewicz, educator; Vicki Coates, health care administrator, and Pandora Carlucci, city planner, collaborated with Dr. Richard Warren, Superintendent of Schools, to recruit the organizing board and create the groundwork for the Education Foundation to grow and flourish.

After the Establishing Board was convened in 1997, members left and joined the Board, as permitted by personal schedules and the needs of the Board. Over the years, the Board was honored with the dedicated service of several Franklin residents:


  • Susan Gardner


  • John Doyle

  • Bobbi Tayne Gerlits


  • Donna Brunelli

  • Tim Hurdelbrink

  • Debra Martin-Boulanger

  • Joan Ford

  • Victor Schlitzer

  • Eric Wilson


  • Mary Regina Bennett

  • Nancy Conboy

  • MaryAnne Dean

  • Pam Mozynski

  • Nancy Rappa

  • John Ristaino

  • Rob Vacca


  • Deb Bartlett

  • Sarah Drake

  • Tim Fahey

  • Charlene Hebert

  • Suzanne Marak


  • Dr. David Crisafulli (ex. officio)


  • Maureen Roy

  • Kathleen Sawyer


  • Cora Armenio

  • Jill Jones

  • Elise Nulton

  • Nancy Sones


  • Linda Miller Foster

  • Mike Doherty


  • Marianne Lyer



  • Justin Gracci

  • Trish Lewis

  • Peter Minor

  • Dr. Maureen Sabolinski

  • Abbey Whalen

  • Dr. Anne Bergen

  • Ann Marie Criscione

  • Peter Lounsbury

  • Chuck Morrisette

  • Karen Thorn


  • Dr. Kit Brady

  • Tom Powderly

  • Victor Lopez

  • Ann Marie Van de Geisen


  • Dana Bienkowski

  • Suzanne Sherrin


  • Sandra Verhaegen


  • Craig Haba

  • Mike Brennan

  • Leighanne Haba


  • Susie Cristiano

  • Diane Oteri

  • Karen Purvis


  • Lisa Brady

  • Glenn F. Jones


  • Harsha Gurumurthy

  • Mary Kroon

  • Alana Sanders

  • Krishnaprasad Shetty


  • Dr. Sara Ahern (ex. officio)


  • Phil Sweeney


  • Kristen Fiorenza

  • Rick Rollingcross


  • Joni Magee

  • David McNeill

  • Thomas Broyles (Student Liaison)

  • Denise Spencer (SC Liaison)


  • Ann Knapp