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2016/2017 Grant Recipients

5th grade elementary ukulele program

Established a new strings-based music program in which 5th grade students at all elementary schools learn to play the ukulele. Allison Fuller, Jamie Barrett, Brian Gustafson, and Mary MacMurray, District-wide

Student self-regulation strategies/tools

Provide self-regulation strategies/tools to each classroom that will allow students to stay in class and maintain a readiness level for learning. Michelle Brent, Jennifer Curry, and Amy Westerman, Jefferson Elementary School

Mobile, augmented reality sandbox/learning center

Provides students a hands‐on opportunity to engage with social studies and science concepts around topography, erosion, physical features, settlement, and volcanic activity. Jim d'Entremont, Horace Mann Middle School

Hands-on, inquiry-based solar energy research project

Allows 7th grade students to directly investigate solar energy and properly explore learning through the inquiry process. Students design, build, and test solar panel structures. James Schliefke, Horace Mann Middle School

Book club with author visits by Skype.

Increased students' independent reading and dialogue regarding literature as well as fostered a school culture that elevates literacy and literacy initiatives by providing opportunities for book authors to “meet” students via Skype. Tulani Husband-Verbeek, Remington Middle School

Program to update and reorganize the middle school book room.

Provided funds to update and reorganize the middle school book room to reflect the more rigorous and complex frameworks recently implemented in Massachusetts. Ingrid Ahlberg and Suzanne Roma, Remington Middle School

Enhance the physical education, health, and wellness curriculum via a snowshoe/orienteering program

Enhance the physical education, health, and wellness program by purchasing 30 snowshoes and related equipment to add a fun, engaging, and rigorous lifelong learning unit to the curriculum. Amanda Christopoulos and Kyle Duguay, Remington Middle School

Interdisciplinary program to create a mosaic art installation

Funded an interdisciplinary project in which students created Byzantine Period mosaics while integrating art, math and social studies concepts.

Jane Pichette and Jeff Chaffee, Remington Middle School