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All grants listed below were awarded by the Franklin Education Foundation entirely by funds raised from local businesses, organizations and individuals in the community. Since 1997, FEF has awarded approximately $350,000 via over 140 grants to Franklin public school teachers and staff, thanks to the generosity of the community!

Elementary School Grants

Parmenter— "Poet-in-Residence" The poet-in-residence will work with all K-5 classes to enhance poetry instruction as part of an extended school-wide poetry initiative related to skills required by the Curriculum Frameworks. Judith Bassignani and Barbara Blake

Davis Thayer— "Lending Library for Before School Breakfast Book Club" Multiple copies of selected books will be purchased for 5th grade students participating in the Before School Breakfast Book Club. Program enhances love of good literature by expanding selections beyond standard curriculum. Melissa Cacciapaglia and Ellen Pierce

Early Childhood Development Center — "Franklin Resource Guide Family" This project will support the publication of a Family Resource Guide and enhance the Resource Center which benefits families in Franklin. An online version of Resource Guide will be accessible through a link on the Franklin Website. Bernadette M. Conroy

Kennedy – “World Book Online” World Book Online resources will be utilized by students and faculty for special projects. Carol DiNatale and Linda Galasso

Kennedy – “Box City” An all-school interdisciplinary unit will enable all students in grades K-5 to participate in creating an extensive scale model of the Town of Franklin. Charlene D’Onofrio

Jefferson – “Open Circle Curriculum” supports the acquisition of authentic literature for grades K- 5 that spotlights bullying and the strategies for dealing effectively with it. Don E. Cowart

Jefferson – “Multicultural Literature for Kindergarten Student” Multicultural books will expand kindergarten students’ view of the world and support them in considering how they are alike and different from others in such areas as physical attributes, family living arrangements, housing, cultures, and recreational activities. Deborah Winterroth

Parmenter - “Fifth Grade After School Book Club” Books will be purchased to support an After School Book Club that will foster the love of reading and discussions related to good literature. Kathy Carlson

Oak Street –“Fourth Grade Social Studies Web Site” Online social studies/geography research projects for fourth grades across the district will be collaboratively developed and linked to the new Massachusetts fourth grade history standards. The project will incorporate an interactive WebQuest. Teachers will create an ever-growing database that supports the content-based inquiring method. JoAnn Tavalone and Sean O’Shea

Jefferson - Multicultural read-aloud books will be used with first graders to challenge them to begin thinking critically about their world and their place in it. Nancy Rae

Oak Street – “In My Shoes – Disability Awareness” Fifth grade students will participate in an interactive program on disability awareness presented by Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Mimi Feerick

Jefferson - “Firsthand” writing program will assist teachers in developing writing goals and mini-lessons for students and provide students with the content and context to become good writers. Don Cowart

Parmenter – “First Grade Math Night” will assist parents in learning how to provide necessary problem-solving instruction and practice. A resource book of problem-solving activities will also be developed for teachers. Ellen Sabonosh and Maureen Frangioso

Jefferson – Kindergarten Literacy Centers will be established for four kindergarten classrooms to provide materials that enrich and support pre-reading skills. Cathy Clough

Parmenter - Books supporting Open Circle themes, such as understanding feelings, problem-solving, teasing, and bullying, will be purchased for K-5 students. Carol Staniunas

Oak Street – “Reading Prevention/Intervention Program”

Scientifically based reading research will be used to develop an early intervention program for struggling second grade readers. The five building blocks of the program align with the district’s reading curriculum and state assessments. Shawn Connelly, Emily Laliberte, Kate LaRose, Shannon Novick, Tracy O’Brien

Kennedy – “Traveling Math Boxes” will be developed for grades K-5 so that students can practice math concepts at home with parents. Belinda Arnold and Charlene D’Onofrio

Davis Thayer – “Journey Through Genres”: Literature books will be purchased and curriculum revised to integrate subject matter at various reading levels in math, science and social studies. Keri Brown and Kristina MacRury

Oak – “Fifth Grade Investment Club” enables students to learn the fundamentals of investing in the stock market thought using an interdisciplinary approach that includes learning how current political, environmental and economic events can impact the outcomes of their investment decisions. Beth Buswell Mary Doherty, Suzanne Grant, and Donna Reynolds

Davis Thayer, Kennedy and Parmenter - “Everyday Math Trade Books” enables school libraries to purchase math trade books to support the Everyday Math program in each school. Judi Bohall

Davis Thayer – “Modeling Mathematics Instruction” provides teachers access to portable document cameras that will be used to support development of student mathematics skills, particularly as they relate to answering MCAS open response questions. Margaret Miller

Keller Sullivan Middle School - “Hands-on Equations” supports the purchase of equation kits for grades 3-8 to provide students with a visual and kinesthetic approach to learning algebraic concepts. Ruthann McHugh and Caryn Parnell

Jefferson – “Model Me Time DVDs” DVDs will be used to model and teach appropriate social skills in kindergarten classes. Deborah Winterroth

Davis Thayer – “Enhancing K-5 Health Curriculum”. Models, visuals, and cooperative games and health games will enhance the new K-5 health curriculum. Amanda Hartford

Oak Street – “Apps Support for Grades 3-5” Apple iPad2s and various applications will be used to support reading, math, science and social studies concepts for students in grades 3-5. Emily Mastalerz

Parmenter Elementary School – “Reader’s Theater Library” Reader’s theatre scripts will be used by K-5 students to increase expression and fluency. Jean Wolf

Keller Elementary School – “Enhance K-5 Special Education Math Curriculum” Uses technology and software to supplement the specialized mathematics curriculum for special education students. Staci Rogers, Britt Dubendris

Parmenter Elementary School – “Educational Materials for Before/After School Academic Support Clubs”. Established a collection of books and games to support after-school math and reading clubs. Tricia Capaldi

Oak Street – “Home Book Bag Program”. Provided books to establish a Home Book Bag Program to support reading at home for students who are two or more levels below district reading grade levels. Tracie O'Brien

Parmenter Elementary School - “K-5 Exemplar Texts” Funded the purchase of a collection of broad range, high-quality texts on fiction, poetry, technical subjects, history and social studies for K-5 classroom and special education teachers to support the district’s adoption of the Massachusetts Frameworks and Common Core Standards. Jean Wolf

Jefferson Elementary School – “Enhancing K-5 Health Curriculum” Funded the purchase of models, visuals along with cooperative and health games to enhance the new K-5 health curriculum. Kris Carter

Parmenter and Jefferson Elementary Schools – “Number sense video website”. Established an estimation challenge web site for K-5 students that includes videos of real life situations from the school and throughout Franklin. Brian Kelley

Kennedy Elementary School- “Chromebooks for fourth grade students”. Enhance students’ learning by providing mobile carts with Chromebooks for fourth graders to become familiar with collaborating via Google Drive. Kathleen Merten

Parmenter School – “Summer book clubs for students and read aloud book bags for parents”. Created summer book clubs for students in grades 3-5 and summer read-aloud book bags for parents of struggling students in grades K-2. Jean Wolf

Oak Street – “Heart rate monitors for elementary school physical education and health” – 2015 FEF Pinnacle Award Winner. Integrated heart rate monitors into the elementary physical education/health curriculum, and also provided the anonymous heart rate data to fifth grade math teachers to use in their classes. Nick Goldman

District-wide – “5th grade elementary ukulele program”. Established a new strings-based music program in which 5th grade students at all elementary schools learn to play the ukulele. Allison Fuller, Jamie Barrett, Brian Gustafson, and Mary MacMurray

Jefferson Elementary School – “Student self-regulation strategies/tools”. Provide self-regulation strategies/tools to each classroom that will allow students to stay in class and maintain a readiness level for learning. Michelle Brent, Jennifer Curry, and Amy Westerman

Middle School Grants

Horace Mann—to foster local student/business connections. K. Chris Cleverdon, Allyson Deguire, Carolyn Fortuna, Cece Gauthier, Vicki Golburgh and Mary Smith

Horace Mann—to establish video club that involves student representation from each cluster in every grade. The club will create a video yearbook. Joe Corey and Noreen Langmeyer

Horace Mann Middle School at Sullivan— "Deana’s Fund Educational Theatre Programs" This program promotes healthy relationships among peers, and helps to prevent harassment, bullying, and relationship violence. Issues are presented to each grade level through a dramatic, interactive 3-person play. Curricula, classroom activity books and planning guide are provided to teachers prior to performances. Roberta Oehley

Horace Mann Middle School at Sullivan— "Top One Hundred Classic American Films" As an after-school activity, this project enables students to compare depictions of American society in film through viewing, analysis, and discussion. Carolyn Fortuna

Horace Mann Middle School at Sullivan— "Composer in Residence" A piece of music will be commissioned specifically for a middle school band, and the composer will serve as an artist-in-residence during the year to assist the students in interpreting and performing the composition. Vicki Garino

Horace Mann Middle School at Sullivan— "Costume Wardrobe for A Midsummer Night’s Dream" Costumes will be provided for use by 8th graders at both middle schools studying “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Costume-based learning enhances student understanding of characters and content. Carolyn Fortuna

Remington— "Joseph Burchac, Native American Expert" This award-winning author and storyteller will perform and interact with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in their study of Native American culture through literature. Carol Lewenberg and Rhonda Havenor

Remington— "Vernal Pools as Outdoor Classrooms" Vernal pools will be used as outdoor classrooms. The vernal pool ecosystem will be a model for understanding other ecosystems, communities, and populations. The program also provides real world experience with environmental issues and their impact on the community. Jonathan Twining, Russ Holden and June Thall

Remington – “Expansion of Ecosystems Unit” The ecosystems unit will be expanded to include a comparison of a vernal pool ecosystem to a perennial stream ecosystem located near the school. Jonathan Twining, Russ Holden and June Thall

Remington – “Sumner McClain, Storyteller and Promoter for Cultural Diversity” Mr. McClain will perform an original narration commemorating the life of Martin Luther King. Additional classroom work supplemented the performance. Carol Lewenberg and Rhonda Havenor

Remington – “Eight Grade Spanish Reading Program” A multi-level Spanish reading series, based on novels, will be offered to eighth grade students. Carol Martin

Horace Mann at Sullivan – “History Day Print and Video Resources for Students with Disabilities” New print and video resources will be available to students with disabilities so that they will be able to conduct meaningful research and create credible projects. James D’ Entremont and Leigh Young

Horace Mann at Sullivan – “Tolerance and Diversity Theme Books for Inclusion Students” Special books with tolerance and diversity themes will be available to students, many of whom have significant reading difficulties, so that they will be able to participate in class discussions and related projects. Carolyn Fortuna

Horace Mann at Sullivan – “Hydrogen Fuel Project” A hydrogen fuel cell exploration project will be offered to students during an after-school engineering activity. Lauri McLeland and James Schliefke

Horace Mann – “Alternative Maps and Atlases for Middle School” Alternative maps and atlases will be used by teachers across disciplines to offer opportunities for students to develop a better understanding of global demographics, cultures, and geography. Sarah Lane, Debra Grant, Cecelia Gauthier, Carolyn Fortuna

Horace Mann – “Enhanced Curricula Materials for Advanced Students” Provides high level, technology and inquiry-based science enrichment materials for advanced eighth grade science students. Vicki Golburgh

Horace Mann – “Personal Fitness Program for High Risk Students” Provides a special fitness program for those students who are the highest risk for health problems and will supplement regular Physical Education classes. It aims to improve fitness levels, nutritional habits, and self-esteem. Sheila Schamber and Christine Mahan

Horace Mann –“ Health Snack Shop Operated by Special Needs Students” A snack stand and “healthy foods” will be purchased to enable special needs students to gain vocational and social skills through selling the snacks to middle school classmates, who will also benefit by being able to purchase nutritional snacks Marilee Gleason

Horace Mann - An interdisciplinary unit will be developed to study the factors that influence settlement using geographic and scientific concepts. David McGovern and James Schliefke

Horace Mann - “Newsflash” Students will develop and present daily life broadcasts of school announcements, relevant news stories, and weather via classroom television. Brenda Lee Vanoyer

Remington – “Literacy Materials for Students with Reading Disabilities”: A classroom-based library of books, magazines, and other print materials will be established for students with reading disabilities to foster literacy skills, expand their general knowledge, and foster connections to other types of reading . Karen Lindblom

Horace Mann - The “Homestead” Platform and its surrounding area will be used as a cross-disciplinary, self-contained learning platform and will be made available to all departments in the school. Bruno Nosiglia

Annie Sullivan –“Composer-In-Residence”: Creation of an original instrumental and vocal musical composition for the student groups; composer will rehearse with students during the year. Meredith Smith

Remington – “Potato Hill Poetry Workshop”: Supports the development of poetry appreciation and writing skills through a one-day workshop and other pre- and post-activities. Denise Ghiloni

Annie Sullivan –“ Incredible Art Room – Part 2”: Students will research artists and then transform the ceiling tiles into paintings in the style of various artists. Tina Guarino

Remington – “Lights, Camera, Action”: Students will research and create film documentaries to address media production, an often-overlooked standard from the English Language Arts curriculum frameworks. Mary Cotillo

Remington – “Enrichment Writing Workshop” with author Michael Tougias, who will work with interested student writers in an enrichment extension program to assist them in building their writing skills. Carol Lewenberg and Rhonda Hevenor

Horace Mann - “Hands-On Learning Center” will enable at-risk students to work in the center to develop their academic abilities through woodworking and related activities. Bruno Nosiglia

Horace Mann – “Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycles,” an aquatic learning center will be created to allow students to conduct authentic research in the roles that organisms play in the ecosystem. Ellen Forman and James Schliefke

Horace Mann – “ A Manga-Anime Club” will be offered during the enrichment period to provide students with a place to learn and practice this art form, be exposed to appropriate novels and movies, and to explore different aspects of Japanese culture and customs. Christina Renaud

Remington - “Classroom-based Library” continues the acquisition of books, magazines, and other print materials tailored to the specific interests and abilities of students who have significant reading disabilities so that they may develop their literary skills. Karen Lindblom

Remington – “Using Technology to Study Plate Tectonics” project integrates new technologies and Internet-based multidisciplinary lessons to expose students to science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts as they relate to studying the earth’s structure and history. Keith Turner

Sullivan – “Science Exploration Program” involves middle school seventh grade students in learning more than 30 hands-on science activities and then conducting them with grade five students to interest these students in science and also to assist them in transitioning to the middle school. Susan Fortin

Remington – “Technology to Support Middle School Foreign Language Study,” a project to enhance learning and integrate multimedia into lessons for middle school students studying a foreign language. Carol Martin

Sullivan – “Family Astronomy Night”

Seventh grade students will complete a science unit of astronomy and conduct related activities at a family night. Colleen Ahearn

Sullivan –“Flip Video Camcorders for Middle School Foreign Language Department” Four camcorders will be used to engage students in interactive initiatives related to foreign language study. Stephanie Perr

Remington – “Promoting Student Writing Through Use of Student Experiences” Author Loree Burns will speak to students about the writing process from the context of science fiction and as part of a multi-faceted writing project. Denise Ghiloni and June Thal

Remington – “Training for Special Educators”Training for speech language pathologist, psychologist, school adjustment counselor, and special educator to complete training in social cognitive development and to implement program. Jennifer DeSanti, Frank Fitzgerald, and Karen Ingerman

Remington – “Laptop Computer to Support Digital Projector for Foreign Language Class” The laptop computer will provide capacity to utilize fully a digital projector to conduct foreign language instruction. Carol Martin

Remington – “Classroom Sustainability Ball Sets”Forty-eight sustainability ball sets will be purchased to encourage more active student learning. John Claypool

Horace Mann - “Rocketry Club and Educational Program” Supports a middle school rocketry club that enhances applied aspects of the math and science curriculum. Mark Brady

Horace Mann – “F.I.R.S.T. Lego Competition Supports purchase of equipment and entrance fees for student participation in lego competitions. Mark Brady

Remington Middle School – “Kindles for Middle School Students with Reading Disabilities” Appropriate books will be downloaded to kindles for use by students with reading disabilities. Karen Lindblom

Remington Middle School – “Smart Board to Support Middle School Foreign Language Instruction” Smart Board will be used to support 500 students enrolled in middle school Spanish classes. Carol Martin

Remington Middle School – “MP3 Players to Enhance Reading Instruction” MP3 players will be used to increase student comprehension of grade level texts and confidence in reading. Kimberly Schmidt

Horace Mann Middle School – “Night at the Museum” Traveling art exhibits will be displayed, along with related student art work; families will participate in a: “Night at the Museum.” Jane Pichette

Horace Mann Middle School – “The Mosaic Project” As an interdisciplinary project, students create mosaics, while studying related history and art. Jane Pichette and Bruno Nosiglia

Remington Middle School – “Video Camera for Middle School Social Skills Group” Funded the purchase of a video camera to enhance self-awareness in social skills groups. Frank Fitzgerald

Horace Mann Middle School – “Settlers of Catan -Middle School History” Provided sixth grade students with the Settlers of Catan, a game that teaches history and the development of social structures through role-playing. Mark Brady

Remington Middle School – “Document Camera for 8th Grade World History” This camera projects historical documents, maps, etc. onto a screen and allows these materials to be viewed simultaneously by the entire class. Emily Ambrose

Horace Mann Middle School – “World’s Greatest Artists – Elementary and Middle School” This project brought a travelling art exhibit of works featuring da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh and others to enhance the arts curriculum. Nadine Minor

Remington Middle School – “Novels for Greek Myth Book Clubs – Middle School” These funds enhanced the social studies curriculum by providing books for Ancient Greek Myth Book Clubs. Kimberly Schmidt

Remington Middle School – “Software To Enhance Elementary Special Education Math Curriculum” Provided downloadable ebooks to support and sustain dyslexic and reading disabled students reading skills. Karen Lindblom

Horace Mann Middle School – “School-based audio book library” Provides access to bestseller and classic audiobooks primarily to students with language-based learning disabilities and secondarily to all students. Erin O'Leary

Remington Middle School – “Nonfiction reading library for English language arts, social studies, science” Supplements non-fiction reading resources to promote appreciation of reading across multiple subjects such as social studies and science. Janet Chitty

Horace Mann Middle School – “Expansion of middle school “virtual” online courses” Provides professional development training for teachers to expand the online course offerings at the middle school level. Shawn Fortin

Horace Mann Middle School – “Composition commission for middle school combined symphonic band” Commission a musical composition by well-known composer David Maslanka for the combined middle school symphonic band to be performed in a world premier concert in June 2014. Nicole Wright, Nancy Schoen

Remington Middle School. “Chromebooks for middle school English language arts and social studies”. Enhance students’ 21st century skills while addressing social studies and English content objectives. Kimberly Schmidt

Horace Mann Middle School. “Chromebooks for middle school Spanish”. Enhance students’ learning by having them create e-portfolios to track their mastery of Spanish. Heather Wilson and Carolina Campo

Horace Mann Middle School. “School-based Nook and audio book library”. Provides access to bestseller and classic audiobooks primarily to students with language-based learning disabilities and secondarily to all students. Erin O'Leary

Horace Mann Middle School. “Expansion of middle school ‘virtual’ online courses”. Provides professional development training for teachers to expand the online course offerings at the middle school level. Shawn Fortin

Remington Middle School. “Book club with author visits by Skype”. Increased students' independent reading and dialogue regarding literature as well as fostered a school culture that elevates literacy and literacy initiatives by providing opportunities for book authors to “meet” students via Skype. Tulani Husband-Verbeek

Remington Middle School. “Motivational game creation workshop for teachers”. Funded game-creation workshops where teachers created subject-specific motivational games for instruction, review, and the acceleration of skills acquisition. Karen Lindblom

Horace Mann Middle School – “Mobile, augmented reality sandbox/learning center”. Provides students a hands‐on opportunity to engage with social studies and science concepts around topography, erosion, physical features, settlement, and volcanic activity. Jim d'Entremont

Horace Mann Middle School – “Hands-on, inquiry-based solar energy research project”. Allows 7th grade students to directly investigate solar energy and properly explore learning through the inquiry process. Students design, build, and test solar panel structures. James Schliefke

Remington Middle School – “Program to update and reorganize the middle school book room”. Provided funds to update and reorganize the middle school book room to reflect the more rigorous and complex frameworks recently implemented in Massachusetts. Ingrid Ahlberg and Suzanne Roma

Remington Middle School – “Enhance the physical education, health, and wellness curriculum via a snowshoe/orienteering program”. Enhance the physical education, health, and wellness program by purchasing 30 snowshoes and related equipment to add a fun, engaging, and rigorous lifelong learning unit to the curriculum. Amanda Christopoulos and Kyle Duguay

Remington Middle School – “Interdisciplinary program to create a mosaic art installation”. Funded an interdisciplinary project in which students created Byzantine Period mosaics while integrating art, math and social studies concepts. Jane Pichette and Jeff Chaffee

High School Grants

FHS—to purchase a video camcorder to support the growth of the media production capabilities in the Theater Arts and Film Department. Marushka Waters

FHS—"Dangle Duo" which supports Project Adventure by offering different and challenging activities for students in physical education classes and co-curricular activities. Michelle Downing and Mardi Donovan

FHS—to supply students with digital camcorder and production software to create videos and Web pages related to class assignments and other projects. Nancy Bloom and Cheryl Arena

FHS— "GIS Remote Sensing Lab and Classroom" Provides digital cameras, as well as other equipment and supplies to expand the capability of the GIS classes to complete numerous community mapping projects. Students will work with various town and community organizations to gain real life experience. Laraine Hawkins

FHS – “Encouraging Careers in Math, Science and Technology for High School Junior Women” Female professional will meet with students to discuss career opportunities. Students will also access new career exploration software. Kathleen Woods

FHS – “Establishing a Student Gallery at Franklin High School” Provides freestanding art display panels to support the establishment of a student gallery, which will feature rotating, student-managed art exhibits. Alicia Bell, Michael Caple, Amy Wilcox

FHS - “Filming and Editing Software” Supports high school theatre students in completing a variety of visual communication projects that will enhance their ability to design, implement and evaluate creative projects linked to personal interests and growth. Marushka Waters

FHS – “Using NEC VT45 Projectors to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Grade 9 World History” Ninth grade social students will develop their oral, written, and technology presentation skills through researching and developing PowerPoint presentations that may include music, art, photography, voice over and text layout. Sharon Hansen

FHS - A range of books will be provided for inclusion students with reading disabilities so that they can participate more effectively in class discussions. Carolyn Fortuna

FHS – “Medium and Message” Students will read primary resources, analyze messages from print and visual media, and create their own media messages. Carolyn Fortuna

FHS – Equipment will be purchased to enhance astronomy instruction, which will include offering three family astronomy nights. Dr. Karen Robblee and Donna Marble

FHS – “Longitudinal Ecology Project” Students will conduct field research on the human impact on the well- being of aquatic and terrestrial habitats surrounding Franklin High School. Lisa Baumgartner and Dr. Karen Robblee

FHS – “Technology (cable and NEC projector) for Contemporary Issues Classroom”to provide live cable access and support students in creating videos, DVDs, Powerpoint presentations, and websites. John Leighton

FHS –“Outdoor Ecological Sculpture Park”: A sculpture park will be created on school grounds to emphasize the importance of environment and art. Lauren Jezierski

FHS – “Language Project” supports a variety of interactive world language activities that will be developed through the use of technology. Projects will include PowerPoint presentations on countries, online Internet research to support language studies, and the production of a video. Kerry Thistle, Edith Nelson, Jane Hey, and Debra Murphy

FHS Resources will Increase lighting capabilities for student arts performances at the high school. Marushka Waters

FHS – “Science and Math Integration for the Arts”

Materials will be purchased to support interactive science and math laboratory activities as part of a curriculum for students in the arts. Robert Akie

FHS – “Campus-Connections Through Services”

Resources will enable students to provide “small business services,” such as baking and car cleaning, to other members of the school community. Gale Levine

FHS – “LCD Projectors to support Visual Media in English Classes – Year Two” Purchase 3 LCD projectors to allow English instructors to use visual media in their lessons. Jamie Corbman and John Koch

FHS – “Technology Carts to Enhance Social Studies Instruction – Year Three” Purchase 2 Projectors, ThinkPad R61E, USM Speaker System to support Social Studies. Christopher Schmidt, John Leighton, Michael Walsh

FHS – “High School Senior Project” Expands the capability of the high school to increase the number of students participating in the senior project from 36 to 50 seniors. Sascha Werner and Judy O’Neill

FHS – “FHS Senior Project” Eighty graduating seniors will spend a year researching careers, completing an internship, and reporting on their experience. Judy O’Neill

FHS – “Arts Demonstration Digital Library” A multi-arts resource demonstration lab will be established through purchases of resources, workshops by professionals, and documentation of demonstration projects. Jane Hogan and Nick Bailey

FHS – “Lego Competition” Equipment and entrance fees will be supported to enable students to participate on F.I.R.S.T. Lego competitions. Mark Brady

FHS – “Multi-arts Classroom Resources” Provided equipment and funds to support arts practitioner video production workshops. Jane Hogan, Nick Bailey, Mike Peacock

FHS – “Science Café” This program invites professionals from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to FHS to speak to students in a café-style setting. Ann Butler

FHS – “USB turntables for conversion of historic culture” Funded the purchase of USB turntables for a collaboration between the Franklin High School Art Academy, world history department, and Franklin Historical Commission to allow students to convert victrola records from the early 1900s to digital format for broader use by the museum and school system. Mike Peacock, John Leighton,; Mark Brady (Horace Mann Middle School)

FHS – “Artistic cultural installation” Provided funds for art students to create a permanent art installation that visually represents the educational, social, and artistic culture of the new Franklin High School. Jane Hogan, Brenna Johnson

FHS “Binoculars for astronomy” Provided binoculars to astronomy students to observe and record constellations at night, supplementing daytime classroom learning. Maria Weber

FHS Science Café

FHS “Storyteller Visit for Children’s Literature Classes” Provides funding for a professional storyteller to visit senior year English/ Children’s Literature classes to model the power and place of the oral tradition in contemporary society. Carolyn Fortuna, Sarah Scannell, Dan Hudder, Sam Rosen.

FHS “FHS Goes Global passport program”. Provided students with a variety of opportunities to engage in globally themed activities. Dawn-Marie Fernandes, Jennifer Spencer, Judy O’Neill

FHS “Storyteller for 12th grade children's literature class”. A professional storyteller worked with senior year English/Children’s Literature classes to model the power and place of the oral tradition in contemporary society. Dr. Carolyn Fortuna, Dan Hudder, Sam Rosen

FHS “Language as art cultural installation”. Funded art supplies to create a 2nd permanent installation at FHS which uses “Language as Art” to represent the culture and core values of FHS. Jane Hogan

FHS “Community outreach through the arts afterschool club”. Established an after school and evening club whose focus is on community outreach to raise student awareness about the importance of civic responsibility and social justice. Brenna Johnson