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The FEF Trivia Bee

FEF Trivia Bee 2015

(PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for the regular Bee that runs from 7 -9. Instructions for the Middle School Bee from 6-7 will be provided directly to each middle school.)

Thank y ou for y our participation in the FEF Trivia Bee. This letter will provide y ou with useful information about the event, and will give you some ideas about how to prepare.

Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Arrival Time: Check-in begins at 6:15 pm; all teams should be onsite by 6:30

All three members of your team must be present at check-in

Location: Horace Mann Middle School Thomas Mercer Auditorium, 224 Oak Street, Franklin

Promote your company or organization!

All sponsors and teams will be noted in the Bee Book, which will be distributed to all who attend that evening. There will be a placard on each table with your team sponsor name on it. In addition, you can promote your company or organization in several ways during the BEE:

1. Wear clothing or a costume that identifies your organization.

2. If you are sponsoring a team from FHS, you can provide them with these items.

3. Bring a cheering section for your team. There’s nothing like vocal support!

This is a tremendous community event! Please arrive on time and plan to stay through the Championship Round. There will be many exciting raffle items and free refreshments.

How does the FEF Trivia Bee work?

The theme for the 2015 Trivia Bee will be MOVIE TRIVIA.

Each team will consist of three members, including a captain who is the designated spokesperson. Each team will be assigned to compete in one of seven preliminary rounds. The Master of Ceremonies will ask the questions. Teams will have one minute to respond. A timekeeper will indicate the end of the minute with a gong. Judges will determine whether or not an answer is considered correct.

The first two questions for each team will be asked individually (just to that team) and answered verbally by the team captain. If the answer is correct, the team awaits the next question. If the answer is incorrect, the team will be eliminated.

After the first two sets of questions, the remaining questions will be addressed to all teams in that round simultaneously, and a written response will be required by each team. A white board and marker will be provided to each team to record their responses. Any team that answers incorrectly will be eliminated. If all teams answer incorrectly, no team will be eliminated and another question will be asked. Judges will determine which teams continue in the round.

The last team to answer correctly in a particular round is declared the winner of that round. Winners of each round will advance to the Championship Round, where questions will be asked to all teams and a written response will be required on white boards. The winner of this round will be the 2015 champion!!!

See you there—

Good Luck & Have Fun!!

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